Vigoura – 5X Improves sexual Energy, Vigor & Vitality

Vigoura 5X Benefits: Improves sexual Energy, Vigor & Vitality in Male

Age Group: Above 50 Years

Vigoura-5x – Is combination of highly effective medicines formulated to treat erectile dysfunction, sexual debilities from nervous prostration, incontinence of old people, painful erections, weakness with mental depression , sexual neurasthenia , on attempting coition penis relaxes , weakness of genital organs, sexual & senile debility , no erection , premature ejaculation , functional impotency , idiopathic impotency , hypertension , lace of retention , lack of libido in male & general debilities.

It excites sexual organs and acts on central nervous system and respiratory centre. Men also experience more powerful orgasm, plus strength, actual stiffness stamina, endurance and amplified sensations and RETURN POWER. Enhance sexual sensations & sexual response, maintain erections longer and more often, helps to alleviate impotency. It increases energy or stamina during sex. Men who want the great health benefit that Vigoura-Hy Power gives in addition to great sex.

Vigoura 5X Packed In

  • 30 bottle with cap and dropper
  • 3 box x (30 ml. glass bottle with cap)

Vigoura 5X Contains

  • Ashwagandha (somnifera-indian winter cherry)
  • Damiana (damiana-turnera seng)
  • Shilajit (asphaltum)
  • Titanium (titanium metallicum-the metal)
  • Onosmodium (onosmodium virginianum-false – gromwell)
  • Selenium (selenium metallicum-the element – selenium)




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सांडे का तेल Male Sex Power Capsule, कैसे काम करता है सांडा आयल Sexual Timing Enhancer Capsule संडा आयल ओरिजिनल प्राइस इन इंडिया Female Sex Enhancer Capsule सांडा तेलBreast Enlargment Oil, सांडे के तेल के फायदे Breast Enhancement Oil

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